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On September 23, 2010, we welcomed our fifth baby, Lulu Grace, to our family. 

She was born with an extra chromosome, #18. 

One minuscule extra chromosome that would change her life and ours forever.


We are still learning about our grief.

Lulu's death is not something to get over,

but instead a new part of our lives to embrace and walk out.  

The House that Lulu Built is a local nonprofit grief care home in Greenville. We host grief care classes. We invite community to share stories of the loved ones they lost. We celebrate those lives and our ongoing love for them. The House that Lulu Built provides a home for families who come into town to stay together at no cost during funeral and memorial services. 

Since opening our doors in the fall of 2019, we have been able to serve over 100 families through classes, hospitality, and our bubble wall evenings. It has been a way for us to do something with our grief that we carry everyday. 

We hope to achieve our goals alongside others who share our vision through volunteering, donating, supporting, and especially sharing.


we grieve. we trust. we heal. together.


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